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Created: 29/03/2013

The Boat Shop Asia is a training academy that provides educational and training services for the pleasure craft community. The academy offers a comprehensive range of courses for learners to start on their boating journey by allowing them to obtain a license by the governing bodies to drive a boat in Singapore and Malaysia. These courses will provide them the avenue to hone their boating skills, increase their knowledge, competency, and confidence to drive a boat on their own.

For more information, do visit our website at
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TBSA Academy has been providing training to the Pleasure craft community since 2013. We are the largest PPCDL training school in Singapore offering PPCDL as well as other competency courses and we are extremely excited to be part of the IYT training community, bringing a new level of training and accreditation for the boating community here in Asia. You can find out more about the academy at
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