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Pro Sea School is one of the longest established schools in the Costa Blanca and strives for perfection. Both our schools invite students to learn in the sun and have fun - boating is our life.
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Crew Training Solutions are an IYT, MCA and SQA Approved Training Provider for a range of courses including STCW Basic Safety Training, Small Powerboat & RIB Master and Master of Yachts Limited & Unlimited including the MCA Chief Mate & OOW CoC's. CTS have locations in the UK, Spain (Palma) and Italy (Naples).
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Welcome to the Gibraltar Region Yachting School! One of the most exciting regions in the world for yachting experience. We have tides up to 3.5 meters, currents up to 6 knots, different mooring methods and very varied weather. Students are given access to the online training platform Which contains the theory for preparing yourself for successfully passing exams on IYT courses, as well as additional lectures developed by us. Such as: yacht charter, anchoring, sailing in stormy weather, perfect mooring, celestial navigation for dummies, steering a yacht on old Dutch ships.
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You’ve found the home of Terra Nautica where we are as passionate about boats and jetskis as you are.
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English / Русский / Español / עברית - we speak your language! Sailing and Power boating programs up to the highest Yachtmaster Ocean qualification. We will help you become a qualified and skilled skipper focused on safety, care, and responsibility – our main objectives in seamanship.
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