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To provide professional and recreational mariners with high quality, affordable, practical training in all subjects related to vessel operations and delivering the knowledge mariners need to be safe out on the water.
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Tiller and Kites is based just north of Phoenix at beautiful Lake Pleasant. We specialize in dinghy, beach cat and keel boat sailing using fleets of RS TERAs, Coronado 15s, J/24s, Etchells, Olson 30s and Capri 37 boats. We are also home to SAIL48 (Veterans sailing) and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Tiller and Kites with Maricopa Youth Mariners runs the MYM Youth and High School Sailing program using RS TERAs and C15s as well as J/24 boats. We are by far the largest and most diverse sailing/boating facility in the Southwest USA.
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