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Algarve Cruising Center, in operation since 2015, are real people with a shared passion for the sea and diverse boating experiences. Our aim is to provide fulfilling sailing experiences adapted to each ones’ individual needs and expectations, inspiring people to connect to the seas and protect marine life. By offering a wide range of safe, convenient and environmental friendly services that are customizable and affordable, we believe to have developed a business idea that supports our vision and adds real value to the actual boat industry market. Home is where you set your anchor, so let us help you plan up your next adventure. Sunny sailings, Ricardo Barradas
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At Cascais Yachting, we aim at providing you with a thorough training for yachting, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced sailor wanting to deepen knowledge. We seek to make it an intense, interesting and fun experience following a steep learning curve on a well equipped 43 foot yacht (Grand Soleil). One of our students summarized our teaching as “rigorous but not rigid”, which we took as a great compliment. We offer International Competent Crew; Bareboat Skipper Sail; Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Sail as well as specialized advanced courses on navigation, meteorology and Marine Communication (VHF). In addition we also teach the Rib/Small Powerboat Master course. We are licences to issue ICC certification as well. Cascais, Lisbon and really the whole Iberian Atlantic Coast are our playground. Please contact us for further details. Geert: (+351) 963238690 [email protected] www.cascaisyachting.com
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