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Algarve Cruising Center, in operation since 2015, are real people with a shared passion for the sea and diverse boating experiences. Our aim is to provide fulfilling sailing experiences adapted to each ones’ individual needs and expectations, inspiring people to connect to the seas and protect marine life. By offering a wide range of safe, convenient and environmental friendly services that are customizable and affordable, we believe to have developed a business idea that supports our vision and adds real value to the actual boat industry market. Home is where you set your anchor, so let us help you plan up your next adventure. Sunny sailings, Ricardo Barradas
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The Clube Naval de Cascais (CNC) was founded in 1938 and is primarily dedicated to the promotion and development of sailing in Portugal and the upholding of the traditional values of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence that has been reached by many of its sailors at both national and international level. CNC is located on the bay of Cascais, right on the Atlantic Ocean and 11 miles from Lisbon. Given the excellent sailing grounds with an all-year round sunny climate and the increasing interest of foreigners, we are excited to extend our offering with the internationally renowned IYT courses, guaranteeing the high standards that CNC stands for.
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