IYT Online system tutorial

IYT has an online registration system and school ordering process. Please scroll to bottom of page for links to specific tutorials.

All users of the iytnet system (students, instructors, school admin personnel, school owners, examiners, etc.)  are required to register online, where they will be given a unique IYT account ID number.

Schools are to use student’s IYT account ID numbers to place order certificates for students who have successfully completed their training. This reduces administration work for schools and speeds up IYT processing times.

An overview of the system is below.

If you are about to enroll students on a course or place an order, please ensure your students have registered on www.iytnet.com as we cannot process orders if they are not registered.

Registering on www.iytnet.com requires setting up a profile which includes:
• Uploading a passport style headshot photograph
• Providing correct address information
• A valid email address (system will reject if invalid email)
• Depending on the level of certification we require a copy of a national ID (passport or government issued license with photo)

Please do not create 2 profiles for the same person.

•Example: John Doe, IYT account ID 100001, holds IYT student certificates, is an IYT instructor, owns an IYT partner school, works in the administration department of a partner school.

Registration is a simple process and ideally students should be asked to complete the registration before they begin their course. However, if you wish, you may register your students, however, this involves more work for school administration and any incorrect information provided will be your responsibility, ie. incorrect shipping address or incorrect spelling of names or date of birth which appear on the certificates.




Youtube Videos Demonstrations:

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