IYT Online system tutorial

We have launched a new online student registration and school ordering system.

Under the new system, students will be required to register online, where they will be given a unique student number. Schools will then be able to use student numbers to order certificates for students who have successfully completed their training. This should reduce administration work for you and speed up processing times.

An overview of the system is attached and more details will follow as we add more features. All new schools are automatically set up on this new system and we are working hard to update all existing IYT Partner schools. If you are an existing IYT partner school we have already configured to the new system, you should have received an email indicating a new user number for your administrative users.  If you are about to enroll students on a course or to place an order and have not recieved your sign-up email, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What you should know

The biggest change is that students now need to register before they can be issued a certificate. They will do this at www.iytnet.com where they will be asked to set up a profile and upload a photo & ID. They will then be issued a student number, which they can give to you so that you can order a certificate for them.

Student registration is a simple process and ideally students should be asked to complete the registration before they even start their courses. However, if you wish you will able to do the registration for them, but it will be more work for you.




Youtube Videos Demonstrations:

IYTNET Student Registration Demonstration

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Step by step pdf instructions:

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