ICC for Vessels up to 24m Coastal -eLearning

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$99 USD
Duration (Est):   10 hours
Eligibility:   16 years or older
Prerequisites:   none
Recommended for:   MCA ICC for Sailing or Power vessels up to 24m coastal
  • Online preparation courses to attain an ICC issued under UNECE Resolution 40 by IYT on behalf of the MCA.
  • Candidate must take written and practical testing at an approved IYT school prior to issuance of an official Certificate of Competency
  • Theory and Practical testing fees at the IYT school are extra and vary based on the location and type of vessel used



"This eLearning course is also a requirement for the International Flotilla Skipper Certificate. This is a similar level certificate to an ICC that is issued by IYT, and it can be issued to people of any nationality. Some IYT training schools are offering this training to people who may not be eligible for an ICC due to ineligible nationality, so if you have booked a Flotilla Skipper course with a school, then please proceed to book and complete this course. Please note then that all references to the ICC in this course will then mean the International Flotilla Skipper Certificate, in your case and this is the certificate you would be issued with after your assessment."












This online course prepares the candidate for the academic testing portion of the ICC program. The "Certificate of Completion" awarded at the end of this course must be presented to the Authorized IYT WW Instructor completing training. Written and Practical testing fees at the IYT WW school are extra and vary based on the location and type of vessels used.