CEVNI EU Inland Waterways Endorsement -eLearning

USD25.00 each
VERY IMPORTANT - IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HOLD AN IYT ICC, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE!, but choose the ICC elearn course with Coastal and Inland Waters in the course name as it contains this CEVNI course.  For example, "24M ICC Theory Course - Coastal and Inland Waters - International Edition"
A CEVNI exam must be successfully completed in order to gain an Inland Waters Endorsement on the International Certificate of Competency (ICC). 
This course will allow you to learn the EU Inland Waterways Rules and challenge the final examination so you may obtain this Inland Waters Endorsement.
After successful completion of the exam, please contact JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING to request the Inland Waters Endorsement be added to your existing ICC.   Please provide the PDF Course Completion Certificate with your request as it will speed up the process. 

There is a fee for the final certificate IYT will re-issue stating "Coastal and Inland Waters".