Marine Communications Master VHF SRC eLearning


Welcome to the IYT Radio Communications E-Learning VHF/SRC. (Very high frequency – short range certificate) course.  The information contained in  this course is provided free of charge in order to promote international boating safety.   To take the free course and gain a thorough knowledge of how to operate a VHF-SRC Radio, you simply need to register with IYT and pay a $0.00 invoice which you will be prompted to do.

To obtain the final credit card style IYT VHF Short Range Certificate you will be required to complete 2 sections. 

Section 1  is the E-Learning module including the chapter review quizzes and final theory examination.
Section 2  will be a final practical examination at an IYT Approved Partner School.

NOTE: Students attending Marine Concept for final Marine Communications Master VHF-SRC certification should not proceed to buy the exam and online course completion certificate as the Federal Transport Authority of UAE require the full course and exam be conducted on site at the school. However, please use this as a free a preparation course prior to attending the course with Marine Concept.

To proceed:

  1. Pay $95.00 USD fee by credit card or paypal.
  2. Complete this VHF/SRC E-Learning course, all quizzes within the course and the final theory examination. 
  3. When you have successfully completed all of the steps noted above, you will be able to print the VHF/SRC Course completion certificate (pdf version) and/or refer to this certificate which will appear on your IYT account profile.
  4. You may then select the IYT school of your choice for the practical VHF/SRC final examination. IYT requires practical proof of competency by one of our IYT Approved Partner Schools.
    1. Very important notice: The final examination fee is determined by the school.  IYT does not dictate what a school charges its students for courses or examinations.  This is an additional fee paid to the school for their time administering the examination. 
  5. Upon successful completion, the school will place an order with IYT for your final credit card style VHF Short Range Certificate.
  6. Please note, the school will charge an additional courier fee if you choose this service. IYT cannot trace delivery if airmail is chosen.
  7. Some candidates may choose to only receive the course completion certificate and not proceed to an IYT school for the final VHF Short Range Certificate for which there will be no refund. 
  8. The practical examination will require a thorough working knowledge of:
    • How to operate a VHF/SRC radio
    • The phonetic alphabet
    • Urgency & Safety messaging and channels
    • How to communicate a pan pan, securite and mayday
    • How to reduce squelch
    • The purpose of the DSC distress button
    • Difference between simplex and duplex
    • MMSI number
    • VHF power outputs
    • How to call a specific station using DSC
    • International distress signals