10 Meter ICC Power Theory Course – Coastal & Inland Waters


Welcome to the IYT 10 Meter Power ICC Theory course for coastal and inland waters.

Please note that this course content is exactly the same as IYT’s MCA Recognised “Small Powerboat & RIB Master” course (with the exception of the CEVNI theory & exam). If you choose to take this course and proceed to an IYT school for practical training and certification you will be eligible for the “ICC Power – Coastal & Inland Waters Certificate” not the MCA Recognised “Small Powerboat & RIB Master” as only select schools are permissioned by IYT to offer this course.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you wish to obtain the MCA Recognised “Small Powerboat & RIB Master” Certificate of Competency please do not purchase this elearning course but choose the “Small Powerboat & RIB Master” course.

  • This online course contains information required for inland waters endorsement for which a CEVNI exam must be successfully completed.
  • The course also includes information for basic VHF-SRC operations. Students who complete this course and decide to proceed to an IYT partner school for final practical course/examination will also receive a downloadable PDF “Basic VHF-SRC Course Comp Certificate”
  • The information contained in this course is provided free of charge in order to promote international boating safety. To take the free course and gain a thorough knowledge of the information required to obtain an IYT 10 Meter ICC, you simply need to register with IYT and pay a $0.00 invoice which you will be prompted to do.

Please make sure you wish to obtain the certificate for "inland waters" endorsement before taking this course.

If you do not need an inland waters endorsement but plan to use in coastal waters only, go back and choose the course named "10 Meter ICC Theory Course - Coastal Waters ".

To obtain the final IYT 10 Meter ICC Power – Coastal & Inland Waters Certificate you will be required to:

  1. Pay the $85.00 USD fee by credit card or paypal.
  2. Complete this 10 Meter ICC theory E-Learning course, all quizzes within the course and the final theory examination.
  3. When you have successfully completed all of the steps noted above, you will be able to print the “10 Meter ICC Theory Course – Coastal & Inland Waters Course Completion Certificate” (pdf version) and/or refer to this certificate which will appear on your IYT account profile.
  4. You may then select the IYT school of your choice for the final practical training and examinations. IYT requires practical proof of competency by one of our IYT Approved Partner Schools.
    1. Very important: The final examination fee is determined by the school. IYT does not dictate what a school charges its students for courses or examinations. This is an additional fee paid to the school for their time training and administering the examinations.
  5. Upon successful completion, the school will place an order with IYT for your final credit card style “10 Meter ICC Power – Coastal & Inland Waters Certificate of Competency”.
  6. Please note, the school will charge an additional courier fee if you choose this courier service. IYT cannot trace delivery if airmail is chosen. We strongly suggest you choose courier for delivery of your certificate however the choice is yours.

Some candidates may choose to only receive the course completion certificates and not proceed to an IYT school for the final Certificates for which there will be no refund.